Sunday, September 1, 2013

my kids: photo series 8 of 12

August 2013 photos of my kids. The entire series is viewable here.

Our Michigan trip brought out a new side of Charlie. He was helpful and brave. He jumped on a trampoline even though he was scared.


He played in the lake even though he was hesitant.

In the lake.

He sat and pet Aunt Janet's barn cat even though he's not the animal lover in the family.

cat lover.

Alice had a harder time adjusting the travel. My wild and free child needs more routine that I thought.

Alice, Michigan. August 2013. 20 Months Old.

She really likes the outdoors, though.


And spent the entire raspberry picking event sitting right here eating everyone's bounty.

Raspberry Picking. 20 Months Old. Michigan.

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