Tuesday, August 27, 2013

school daze

Today was Charlie’s first full day of preschool. He took some time off this summer and is returning to a new classroom, teacher, curriculum and schedule. This morning really felt so “grown up” for me and him. This classroom feels more like kindergarten and his classmates no longer look like chubby little toddlers.

Charlie insisted on wearing a belt today. I insisted on a cleaned up hair do (it's still a tad too short for my taste.) Rich and I bought a Ninja Turtle blanket for him to keep at school for quiet time. He was pretty excited that some of his old friends are in his class. And he was most excited about the two turtles in the tank (Hall and Oates). Pretty much the turtles have made his year so far. 

Charlie First Day Preschool Fall 2013

As a point of reference - a photo of Charlie on his first day at this preschool in 2011. 

new school, new day (Facebook)

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