Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michigan in August

Just some of the many photos from our recent Michigan trip. More thorough post about the trip to come later.

Enjoy -

Michigan Trip, August 2013.

1. final day in Michigan, 2. 1977 Palomino camper, 3. Hot stuff., 4. Fire and Wine, 5. Will, oh Will., 6. Jump, Kayle, Jump., 7. With my Sis. Misty and Marci, beach babysitting., 8. trampoline time, 9. time with Great Barb, 10. the plane ride home sucked., 11. Robin + Marci = sneaking out for a drink, 12. Tom and Elaine, fireside, 13. Rich and the kids, 14. These two troublemakers., 15. 1977 Ford, 16. Swingin', 17. Good morning, woods., 18. Campbell Lake. I love it here., 19. Campfire at Campbell Lake., 20. Chazzy and me, on the trampoline, 21. Misty's harvest, 22. Where are the frogs? (Campbell Lake), 23. Fishing on Campbell Lake, 24. We love Uncle Dave, 25. Ashley and Misty attempting back bends, 26. "I love the lake THIS much.", 27. Ninja Aidan, 28. These two troublemakers again., 29. Follow me., 30. Swingin', 31. Aunt Janet. Love., 32. Horse watching., 33. Raspberry picking with the Cunninghams, 34. Horse brushing., 35. Horse sniffs toddler. Toddler likes it., 36. Dad, Rich and Marci

school daze

Today was Charlie’s first full day of preschool. He took some time off this summer and is returning to a new classroom, teacher, curriculum and schedule. This morning really felt so “grown up” for me and him. This classroom feels more like kindergarten and his classmates no longer look like chubby little toddlers.

Charlie insisted on wearing a belt today. I insisted on a cleaned up hair do (it's still a tad too short for my taste.) Rich and I bought a Ninja Turtle blanket for him to keep at school for quiet time. He was pretty excited that some of his old friends are in his class. And he was most excited about the two turtles in the tank (Hall and Oates). Pretty much the turtles have made his year so far. 

Charlie First Day Preschool Fall 2013

As a point of reference - a photo of Charlie on his first day at this preschool in 2011. 

new school, new day (Facebook)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Digital Playdate: July

digital playdate header

Sharing my friends' kids in one spot, once a month. View all past playdate posts here.

Month #7.

My high school friend, Kim's daughter. Maddie, 2 years old. 

kim kid july

My childhood friend Lynn's daughters Abby, 5 years old and Ella, 8 years old.

lynn kids

My post-college / pre-California friend, Crystal's sons. Jack, 4 years old and Ryan, 3 years old. 

crystal july (3)

crystal july (2)

crystal july (1)

My sister-in-law Misty's daughter, Kayle, 13 years old. (With her beautiful mother, Misty.)

kayle july

My college friend, Lesley's son Harper, 6 years old and daughter Isla, 3 years old.  

lesley kids july


My sister-in-law Robin's sons. Aidan, 5 years old. Will, 22 months old. 

robin kids july (2)

robin kids july (1)

My high school friend, Jen's (Kitchka) son Owen, 7 years old and daughter Lily, 5 years old. 

Jen K kids July

My high school friend, Jen's (Lundgren) son Jameson, 3 years old and her daughter Autumn, 11 months old. 

jen w july (2)

jen w july (1)

My son Charlie, 4.5 years old and daughter, Alice, 19 months old.

July Life_July 2013_07062013 (249)

Alice drawing_July 2013_07202013 (4)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

my kids: photo series 7 of 12

July 2013 photos of my kids. The entire series is viewable here.

Alice, 20 months old. 
Charlie, 4.5 years old.

kids reading_July 2013_07212013

Charlie and Alice, reading. July 2013

Charlie and Alice reading, July 2013.