Tuesday, July 30, 2013

run without stopping

Someone in my life is 3 years sober today. I know of no greater achievement. Not that this person made it three years without a drink or cigarette but that this person wakes up every morning ready to take on just that one day. To be present in the very moment. 

Someone asked this Sober Person in My Life for advice on alcohol recovery. This was my dear friend's response (the last line is really applicable for all of us every day):
When you begin to recover from alcohol you need to run without stopping or resting. You can't work it part way. 

With other addictions you can go at a different pace and make slow steady progress. You maybe can even stop and start again. Believing that alcohol is a one day at a time process doesn't alter how important each day is. I have been sober for 935 days and realize that is nothing more than a good start. We shouldn't compare our progress to others, we should just always be thankful.

Campbell Lake, May 2010

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