Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June life in photos

June has been HOT. It has also been the best month of the year. Lots of good conversations, self awareness and discovery, new and changing things for both of us on the career front, and some slowing down and simplifying.

Most of the time I don't consider my neighborhood well-groomed or pretty. It's in a transitional area (read: liquor stores bumped up against tract homes) but every so often, the right light and my favorite trees force a new perspective -

My neighborhood.

Speaking of trees . . .

local foliage, June 2013.

Most nights after work, this is what the kids want to do. I expect a high water bill this month -

evening hose sessions

My favorite photo of the month. Chazzy perfectly captured -

pajama time

Trying to get in front of the camera a little more -

Discovery Center on Father's Day 2013

Spent Father's Day at the Discovery Center in Santa Ana. Loved it -

Discovery Center on Father's Day 2013

Traveled to San Fran on business. If you look closely, you'll see the Golden Gate bridge in this pic. View from my hotel room -

San Francisco, June 2013.

Unfortunately, my hotel insomnia was back in full force. View from my hotel room around 1 am. (Could still hear a lot of horns honking -)

view from the Westin St. Francis, San Franciso. June 25, 2013.

June has been hot . . . quite a few 100 degree days. Which means we hole up inside with the AC. And clean. Because that's what we do -


June 26, 2013. Historic day. Love is love (Alice was too excited to put her shirt on - )


Many sunsets from our front porch -

June sunset. From my front yard.

On to July with more simplicity and calm. 

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