Friday, July 19, 2013

baby Myles

My neighbor Chrissy welcomed baby Myles into the world earlier this month and I was lucky enough to take photos of this tiny little baby.

parents and baby faces_Myles July 2013_07132013 (31v1)

Baby Myles has two big brothers: Todd Junior and Ryan.

all 3 boys stacked_1_Myles July 2013_07132013

Mama of an expanding brood of boys.

Chrissy and baby_1_Myles July 2013_07132013

There's something so strong and beautiful about the way a mother holds a baby.

Chrissy and baby_Myles July 2013_07132013 (8)


Todd Chrissy outside with baby_Myles July 2013_07132013 (43v1)

Something about a Dad and an infant.

Todd and baby_1_Myles July 2013_07132013

Ryan is now a big brother.

Myles newborn

Little toes.

toes_Myles July 2013_07132013 (3)

When this little boy looks at you, he looks straight into your soul.
close-up face_Myles July 2013_07132013 (14v1)

Welcome, Myles. Welcome.

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