Friday, June 7, 2013

May life in photos

May 2013. 

The view when I'm almost home.
L.A. baby

My Dad usually FaceTimes us every night. On this particular night, I was chopping up fruit to make my infused water. So he decided to go into the kitchen and get a piece of coffee cake to one-up me. 
facetiming with Dad

Alice chases this ball around the house, crawls over and picks it up with her mouth. Rich told our dog that if Alice learns to bark, the dog's outta here. 
if she learns to bark . . .

Rich captioned this photo "Look! I'm the Nirvana baby!"
May Life in iPhone pics_May 2013 (1)

We have everything under control, I swear. So much so that Alice was bathing fully dressed. 
we have this all under control

Too tired and dirty to in chairs.
May Life in iPhone pics_May 2013 (8)

Nature walk on Mother's Day. My favorite day last month. .
Mother's Day weekend 2013

These two. She climbs up and watches movies with him now on his iPad. Soon to be "their iPad". 

Every so often, this flies overhead. Charlie gets really excited. 
helicopter_May 2013_05042013

Doing soccer drills in the front yard with his friend Giulietta.
soccer drills_May 2013_05042013 (6)

Learning proper "how to spray a hose with your thumb" technique from Rich. 
front yard fun_May 2013_05112013 (2)

Rich rescuing Alice from the hose. 
front yard fun_May 2013_05112013 (1)

Jacarandas. My favorite sign of summer in L.A. 
Jacaranda blooms

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