Friday, June 14, 2013

heading into Father's Day weekend

I wanted to start this weekend by thanking Rich for his mad fatherhood skills. This morning we were chatting about what he wanted to do this weekend. His answers "take the kids to the farmer's market, take the kids to the Discover Center, eat as a family on the patio." All of this while he was letting Alice sleep on his chest.


Many nights when I'm working late, traveling across the country or carving out time to take care of myself (gym, friend stuff, quiet time), Rich is home with two wild kids. Maybe teaching Charlie how to properly spray someone with a garden hose.

proper hose technique

When you meet someone at 15 years old, you really have no idea what kind of father he will be. When you are dating in college, you still have no sense of it. Even after you've been married a few years, you think you know but you really don't. It's not until he comes home from your son's preschool event proudly wearing his Very Special Daddy Tie that you know. You really know.

Very Special Daddy Tie

Thank you, Rich. Our kids are lucky.

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