Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Digital Playdate: May

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Sharing my friends' kids in one spot, once a month. View all past playdate posts here.

Month #5.

My high school friend, Kim's daughter. Maddie, 2 years old. 

"My little gardener!"

Kim, May 2013

My childhood friend Lynn's daughters Abby, 5 years old and Ella, 8 years old.

"At the Tigers game, Mother's Day."
Lynn, May 2013

My post-college / pre-California friend, Crystal's sons. Jack, 4 years old and Ryan, 3 years old. 

Crys, May 2013

My sister-in-law Misty's daughter, Kayle, 13 years old.

Misty May 2013

My college friend, Lesley's son Harper, 6 years old and daughter Isla, 3 years old.  

"Harper and Isla dropping off Harper by bike at for one of his last days as a kindergartner!"

Fwd: May pic


My sister-in-law Robin's sons. Aidan, 5 years old. Will, 18 months old. 

"Veggin' out to the iPad before bed."
Robin May 2013

My high school friend, Jen's (Kitchka) son Owen, 7 years old and Lily, 4.5 years old. 

"We celebrated Owen's 7th birthday!"
Jen Kitchka, May 2013

"Lily graduated from preschool!"
Jen Kitchka, May 2013

My high school friend, Jen's (Lundgren) son Jameson, 3 years old and daughter Autumn, 8 months old.

Jen L, May 2013

My daughter, Alice, 17 months old (just 2 weeks shy of 18 months).

"My mother-in-law calls pigtails like this 'buffies' - which is the best name ever for them. So here is my girl, her buffies, her bright red shoes, walking ahead of me. Rock on, Alice. Rock on."

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