Monday, April 22, 2013

pictures and words

A quick update. A few photos. Life in the fast lane.

Alice loves Cook. LOVES. Follows her around yelling "Bah bah". Hugging her. Combing her hair. Putting necklaces on her. Cook is a brave soul.

Alice and Cook

Charlie really digs this train table that was handed down to us from my friend Jenny. He keeps asking Rich to come in and help him break it down and set it up again.

train tables

This kid has a serious head of hair.

wild hair

I've spent a lot of time on airplanes this month.

Los Angeles, view from the window seat

Charlie had his beautiful, wavy red locks chopped off because they were bothering him. This is him post-haircut. He's making his "what the what???" face. I love it that he loves to wear skinny jeans. And Toms. Charlie's a cool dude.

what the what?

I'm closing in on 11 years with Experian. 11 good, good years. This photo is the annual selfie from my sales conference.

I want to express my gratitude for 11 years of goodness with Experian. So much goodness.

Charlie started a pee wee soccer clinic. He didn't understand why none of the kids would share the ball with him so he stood in the field and cried. The coach patted him on the back and told him to toughen up. I had to restrain myself from toughening up the coach.

"No hands! No hands!" Soccer clinic.

Again with the travel. This is LAX. Late at night. I've been spending more time there than usual.


Boca Raton, Florida for a work related conference. So pretty.

My drink is enjoying the view. Boca Raton.

Back home to all sorts of this. Home is wherever I'm with you.

Sunday Funday.

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