Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

This Easter was a little different for us. Usually we (a) host a small gathering for others without family here or (b) make a special dinner for 'just us' then go across to the Morads for some festivities. This year, a Mom of one of Charlie's friends (yes, we're at that stage now - he has a social life) invited us to their place for an orphan Easter. A small gathering of other families that don't have blood relatives in the area.

So we said yes. It was a nice afternoon of getting to know new people, watching a gaggle of kids play in a backyard, eating deviled eggs just like I would have in Michigan. (Except no one could ever and will ever make a deviled egg like my Aunt Barb. Ever. Hands down the best.) It's funny how I'm still making new friends, and how I'm still nervous to get to know [read: be vulnerable] new people, at 36 years old. I hope I'm always making new friends. 

The weather surprised us. Usually it's gor-jusssssss. This year, it started out grey and a bit cold but finally warmed up to 70 and sort of sunny. Aside from the weather and the change of venue, it felt like Easter to me. A recap below in photos.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of spring.

The Phees

"Tickle, tickle!"

Easter 2013

We didn't see our Morads on Easter but we did spend Saturday afternoon dyeing eggs at their place.

easter egg dyeing, Easter 2013

Bird's Nests desserts as a dish to pass for Easter. Recipe pinned on my Foodie board.  
Original recipe via The Curvy Carrot.

bird's nest dessert

At our lovely hosts' home on Easter. This is what happens when I tell Charlie to "smile big or there won't be any iPad when he gets home". 

Easter at the Clecklers 

While the big kids were in the living room decorating Egg Hunt bags, Alice sneaked into the playroom to hoard all the toys. 

... Alice snuck into the empty play room so she could hoard all of the toys.

Instead of baskets, I do buckets. I mean, the Easter Bunny does buckets. He's a rebel, that Bunny. Note: Not all of those toys were given to him on Easter morning. One toy, a Hershey bunny and a kite (thanks for the kite suggestion Katie!). I just can't manage two Christmases in our lives. 

a boy and his basket, Easter 2013

Bright and sunny when we finally made it outside for photos. This little girl can not sit still. So the best I could do of her in her pretty dress (Target, Cherokee brand) was an on-the-go shot.

Easter 2013

Mama hen and her chicks.

Easter 2013

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