Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Digital Playdate: March

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Sharing my friends' kids in one spot, once a month. View all past playdate posts here.

Month #3.

My high school friend, Kim's daughter. Maddie, 2 years old. 

"Happy 2nd Birthday!"

Maddie, March 2013

My childhood friend Lynn's daughters Ella, 8 years old and Abby, 5 years old.

"Ella's beautiful pride filled red face! We took this to send to dad to let him know she completed 2.25 miles!"


"Family roller skating night"


My post-college / pre-California friend, Crystal's sons. Jack, 4 years old. Ryan, 3 years old. 

Jack and Ryan, March 2013

My sister-in-law Misty's daughter, Kayle. 12 years old.

Kayle, March 2013

My college friend, Lesley's son Harper, 6 years old and daughter Isla, 3 years old.  

"Ready for Easter festivities!"

Harper and Isla, March 2013


My sister-in-law Robin's sons. Aidan, 5 years old. Will, 17 months old. 

"Frosting fiasco!"

Aidan and Will, March 2013

My high school friend, Jen's (Kitchka) son Owen, 6 1/2 years old and daughter Lily, 4 years old.

"March Madness!"
Owen and Lily, March 2013

My high school friend, Jen's (Lundgren) son Jameson, 3 years old  and daughter Autumn, 6 months old.

"Sticker fun"

Jameson, March 2013

"She finally likes her exersaucer"

Autumn, March 2013  

My daughter, Alice 16 months old.

"Alice really likes to climb and sit in this chair. Anything that makes her happy these days is on repeat in our house."

She is cracking herself up sitting in this chair. It's the simple things.

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