Friday, March 1, 2013

February in pictures. And a few words.

Long month for us considering it was a short month for the calendar.

Alice spent most of the month refusing to sleep anywhere but on my chest. She's also attempting more words and her hair is growing all curly and wild.

Charlie has been my little man / big helper. He has stopped fighting us as much as he used to on rules and bedtimes and seems to go with the flow.

Rich's job situation has changed so our day to day life situation has changed. And everything has surprising turned out well.

We've all been sick with this cold. The funk. The "please God go away" virus that seems to have finally run its course in my house.

I traveled to San Diego, downtown L.A., a Lakers game and Chicago. The last trip with two kids in tow to visit my sis-in-law, Robin.

Oh yeah, and I turned 36 this month. That will be an entire separate post.

But for now, photos of our month. Most of them snapped on my iPhone.

Happy Spring, everyone.

February in photos

1. jail bird., 2. a perfect Sunday morning, 3. he's scared of this bear, 4. my Valentine, 5. coffee lover, 6. couch potatoes, 7. San Diego Convention Center, 8. LinkedIn photos, 9. my other Valentine, 10. Chi-ca-go, 11. I heart hearts, 12. sunny skies in a SoCal winter, 13. from ORD to SNA, 14. curls, 15. Super Bowl Sunday, 16. on the edge

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