Saturday, February 2, 2013

Digital Playdate: January

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I have these friends and sisters that live far away from me. In Michigan, Illinois, Ohio. My midwestern posse. From marriage, high school, the neighborhood, college, the hazy years between college and marriage.

And these friends have kids. Unfortunately, it's hard to get our kids together like I so wish we could.

We will do it here. Once a month. The kid (and tween) faces will share this space and we will have one place to watch them grow.

Here goes. Month #1.

My high school friend, Kim's daughter. Maddie, 22 months old. 
Maddie, 22 months.

My childhood friend Lynn's daughters. Ella, 8 years old. Abby, 5 years old. 
Ella, 8 years old. Abby, 5 years old.

My post-college / pre-California friend, Crystal's sons. Jack, 4 years old. Ryan, 2 years old. 
"The boys are playing with Great Gram at assisted living below." 
Jack, 4 years old. Ryan, 2 years old.

My sister-in-law Misty's daughter, Kayle. 12 years old.
playdate Jan 2013 | Misty

My college friend, Lesley's son. Harper, 5 years old.  
"This was my favorite this month because he is so proud of the pin he was awarded at school for reflecting the core values of his school." 

Harper, 5 years old.

My sister-in-law Robin's sons. Aidan, 4 years old. Will, 15 months old. 
playdate Jan 2013 | Robin

My high school friend, Jen's (Kitchka) daughter. Lily, 4 1/2 years old.  
"Sadly, when I said, "Big smile!" this is what I got!" 

Lily, 4 1/2 years old.

My high school friend, Jen's (Lundgren) daughter and son. Autumn, 4 months old. Jameson, 3 years old. 

Autumn, 4 months. Jameson, 3 years old.

My son and daughter. Charlie, 4 years old. Alice, 14 months old. 
"I love this photo because of Charlie's smile and Alice's wild hair." 
My favorite thing about Costco: 2 kid carts.

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