Thursday, February 7, 2013

age 23

There's this thing going around on Facebook. A friend tags you, picks a random age and prompts you to answer questions about yourself from that age and compare to your life now. I like this little game and jumped on the bandwagon.

My assigned age was 23. My answers here on the blog will be longer than they were on Facebook. Because it's my blog and I'll babble if I want to.

Let's start with a photo. I can't find a photo of me at 23 years old. So here I am at 25, close enough.

Favorite pic of Rich & me Summer 2002

Age I was prompted: 23

I lived in: an apartment in Auburn Hills, Michigan with an amazing, life-changing friend, Crystal. It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment on the 2nd level of the building. Crystal had two cats named after department stores. We had a tight knit group of girlfriends and too many nights of out of control laughter.

I was in a relationship with: my now husband, Rich Phee, who was still at Michigan State University

I drove: a late nineties model Pontiac Grand Am, 2 door. I spotted it for sale in front of a Subway sandwich shop that year and had to have it. It replaced the very free and old 1982 baby blue Lincoln Town Car I had been driving since college.

I worked at: Solomon Friedman Advertising (now Real Integrated) through the summer then moved on to Organic web agency, which was a dream job. The Solomon Friedman job taught me how to work hard and manage up. The Organic job taught me how to pursue my dreams.

I wanted to be: better, richer, thinner, happier, anything with “er” on the end.

Now I am: 35 (36 next week)

I live in: an 1100 square foot house outside of Long Beach, California. It was built in 1966 and we bought it when the market was at its best (or worst, depending on your perspective) in 2005. It's a small house but downsize living works for us. We like to be in close quarters. Our neighborhood is older, our neighbors fantastic and the weather unbeatable.

I am in a relationship with: Rich Phee and two small kids. Married with children, except funnier.

I drive: 2008 Santa Fe Hyundai SUV, my Mom mobile. I live in the land of luxury cars but can't bring myself to do it. I can't stomach a car payment that is the same as many of my (non-California) friends' mortgage payments.

I fear: change. But I'm getting better. The older I get, the more fearless I am. I also fear little things like the dentist, being late for a flight and mice.

I work at: Experian Consumer Services, aka going on 11 years. This has been more than a job. It's a career and it's a family.

I want to be: exactly where I am.

Here I am now, 35 years old. Happy. All of the "ers" that matter are in place.

date night

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