Tuesday, January 15, 2013

my favorite photo from 2012

I'm still doing year in review, still. 15 days into 2013 and I'm still reviewing.

This is my favorite photo from 2012. I forced myself to choose just one, ONE photo from the last year.

And this is it.

bath time

Alice was about 3 months old. I like the look on Rich's face. The soft light. We were doing the nightly bath time dance. The dance involves one of us sudsing, one of us drying, dressing, chasing. It's my favorite time of night. The post-dinner (and dinner time is my least favorite time of the night) and pre-bedtime stretch of time of just us. Four of us doing ritual things. Ritual things with bubbles and hooded towels.

This photo even trumps my favorite Instagram photo of 2012. That photo was specific to my iPhone, a snapshot taken quickly from here to there. My big girl camera means I took time to stand back and observe. It's different. And there are thousands of them in my Flickr stream so choosing just one is not easy.

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