Friday, January 4, 2013

Charlie is 4

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It happened exactly one month ago today.

My baby boy hit the 4 year mark. We celebrated by jumping in the car and heading to Knott's Berry Farm about an hour before they closed. Not properly dressed. Alice's diaper bag without the proper essentials. No cash on my person. Because that's how we roll.

But he had fun. My Charlie. My talkative, quirky, empathetic Charlie. The boy who loves to lounge on the couch in his underwear and a t-shirt, watching Spiderman on his iPad. The boy who likes his baths extra hot and his hair extra messy.

At four years old, Chazzy asks me how my day at work was. "How was the office, Mommy?" He can get his own snacks out of the pantry and can mostly get dressed on his own. He still has trouble with zippers and snaps, mainly because I never make him do it himself. I'm an enabler of many bad habits. Bad habit #1: insisting on going to Starbucks whenever he sees the green lady wearing the crown on a building. Yup, he does that. Bad habit #2: brushing his teeth in the bath tub. Why not multi-task? Bad habit #3: smacking his lips and saying "aaaah" after every sip of his drink. I'm a role model for all these behaviors. And my boy can model.

He's about 42 pounds and 40 inches tall. He wears size 5T clothes and 9 shoes. Loves all things Superheroes, Transformers and firetrucks. He can also sing the lyrics to the following songs:
Whistle by Flo Rida
Gangman Style by Psy
Hello by Lionel Richie
(We have eclectic taste in music at the Phee household.)

Rich and I were just commenting how much more we are enjoying 4 over 3. I think it's because Charlie can communicate better and he is, year by year, growing more into himself.

Happy, happy 4th year, Chazzy love.


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Kim B. said...

I'm pretty sure none of those are bad habits! All of our kids know Starbucks!!