Friday, November 30, 2012

who we are

I haven't been blogging much lately. It sas nothing to do with time. I can find the time if I want.

It has to do with perception. Not yours - mine. This blog is my digital scrapbook, a document of our lives. For the most part, I want it to represent our best selves. And lately we haven't been at our best. The kids aren't sleeping well - or aren't sleeping in their own beds. The house is a disaster 90% of the time, laundry piled up, dirty dishes in the sink. My house isn't decorated beautifully for the holidays. I'm not crafting or baking anything. I haven't lost the weight I wanted to lose after having Alice. No big announcements or milestones. Just our life. Our very messy and real and sometimes not-all-that-good life.

This is an indicator of how sick everyone in my house has been, how disorganized I've been and the general chaos of life lately. I went grocery shopping yesterday .... and my kitchen is such a train wreck that I didn't notice 2 gallons of milk sitting out

Lunch, couch side while watching Crazy Heart. Chillax Sunday.

So maybe I need to be a little easier on myself, on this family of mine. Beds aren't made, tempers are lost, too many "toast as dinner" meals are eaten, carpet is dirty, debt piles up, silent treatment happens, Alice wears pj pants all day. And that is life. Our life.

Brrrrrr. And purrrrrr.

But we also laugh a lot. And dance Gangman style in the kitchen. Call our friends and family to tell them we love them. Give generously. Say we're sorry. Work hard. Admire full moons. Dream big. Hug. Tangle our legs and feet together on the couch to watch History channel. We grow.

the 4 Phees, November 2012

I tell other people to come as they are. To just show up. It's time to take my own advice in this space.

So here we are. The 4 Phees.


Misty Cunningham said...

Marci it doesn't matter what shape your family is in, your all amazing! And we all love you! Misty

Misty Cunningham said...

Marci no matter in what shape, your family is amazing! And we love you,