Sunday, November 18, 2012

hoot, hoot

Robin (my sis-in-law) sent these adorable tooth fairy owls for my kids last week.

tooth fairy owls

I nearly squealed when I opened the box. And I might, just might, keep them for myself.

They are really thick, sturdy. The stitching is bold and exaggerated.

tooth fairy owls

Each one unique and personalized with my babies' names.

tooth fairy owls

Her friend of a friend, Katie Henze, makes them. Unfortunately she doesn't have an Etsy shop but if you're in the Chicago or Wisconsin area, you can get them locally.

They are sold at the Capputan Coffee Shop in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Seriously, if you in that area, stop in and buy 2 or 10.

I just had to share. Couldn't help myself.

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