Thursday, November 1, 2012

Charlie, 3 years + 10 months old

This kid is almost 4.

Blows my mind. He's tall and clumsy. He's moody and sensitive and loving. He's clever.

He has mastered his back float.


He's really strong. He has one of those motorized kid's cars that gets trapped between the two houses. No problem. He just gets out and moves it like it's no big deal.

push, push

Then he jumps around. And jumps and runs. And then jumps off the couch and builds a fort and jumps on my bed. And climbs on the patio table and in the back of Rich's old truck. Then he runs around our 1100 square foot house (approximately 1000 times) until he's exhausted.

And then he's still not ready for bed.

my superhero

He sleeps hard. Plays hard. Eats a lot. All boy, all day long.

He is my heart, up jumping around.

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Kim B. said...

What a huge smile, in all those pictures!!! Happy boy, good job mama!