Wednesday, October 10, 2012



One year ago right now I was certain I was going to go into early labor. (It didn't happen. But bedrest did.) We took Charlie to Santa Barbara. Work was busy for both of us. Fall seems to pull us in a million directions.

My babies just before a birthday party. October 2012.

It is this year, too. A wedding this weekend. Business travel. Planning the kids' birthday party for next month. A friend's baby shower. Friends' birthday parties for their little kids. Work. Planning for the Christmas holiday and travel.

Busy busy busy.

But not too busy to stop and post a photo of my babies. And give you a quick update on the wee ones.

Charlie is clumsy as ever (evidenced by the gash on his forehead - he fell over a backyard toy at the babysitter's house). Mostly good with Alice but getting pushier when she takes his things. Which is all the time. Girlfriend is on the move. She will walk within a few weeks, I'm sure. She has become louder, refuses to go to bed and laughs a lot.

Joyful little kids. Busy little life. All is good in L.A.

The Phees

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