Sunday, October 14, 2012

10 months old

Baby Alice is 10 months old, quickly approaching 11.

Alice, 10 months old. Chair Series.

(You can see other Chair Series photos by clicking this link.) 

She weights19 pounds, 2 ounces. 28 inches long. For her height, she's in the 50 - 75% percentile range but she's a little squirt in the weight percentile, only 25 - 50%. You wouldn't be able to tell from the massive amounts of shredded chicken, soft broccoli, cheese, yogurt plus baby food that she eats for dinner. Plus the obscene amount of bottles that I still give her (yes, the pediatrician told me to start weaning her off).

Alice has 4 teeth, waves hi and bye, still only says "ma ma" and "wa" (which always sounds like she is questioning everything). She wakes every night around 1 am and again at 5 because she is used to me spoiling her with a fresh bottle. She passes out face down to a very loud sound soother of rain noise.

It has been in this 10th month that Alice's sense of humor kicked in. She laughs at the dog or the funny things that Charlie does.

I really think she'll walk before she's one. We will see.

2 more months of babyhood ...

out of town wedding

Rich used to work for this great ad agency and while he was there, he made some great friends. Two of those friends are Mike and Lauren -- and this weekend was their wedding in San Luis Obispo, California. (For those of you not in California, it's on the Central Coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco.)

We made the drive early Friday morning and picked up another agency guy (who we met for the first time) to ride up with us. Turns out (a) he has become one of our favorite people and (b) he was the "ordained online" officiant for the wedding.

The bride-to-be, Theo-the-Officiant and Mike the Swedish groom -

Lauren was cool as a cucumber, funny as always and picked the best venue for a wedding -
the bride to be

I always love seeing Rich get all gussied up - 

Holland Ranch, the venue. Dancing started in a beautiful old barn just after sunset - 
Holland Ranch, San Luis Obispo.

Early in the night, nice smiles and good behavior in the photo booth - 
Perley Ohlsson Wedding

The bartenders were fantastic as was the wine selection - 
Perley Ohlsson Wedding

Clearly, it was time to take the shuttle home - 
Perley Ohlsson Wedding

Weddings are all the same in such a good way. Different groups of people brought together. A little awkward at first but by the end of the night, everyone's dancing to Thriller and toasting the bride and groom.

Congratulations, Mike and Lauren. A beautiful day for a beautiful couple.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012



One year ago right now I was certain I was going to go into early labor. (It didn't happen. But bedrest did.) We took Charlie to Santa Barbara. Work was busy for both of us. Fall seems to pull us in a million directions.

My babies just before a birthday party. October 2012.

It is this year, too. A wedding this weekend. Business travel. Planning the kids' birthday party for next month. A friend's baby shower. Friends' birthday parties for their little kids. Work. Planning for the Christmas holiday and travel.

Busy busy busy.

But not too busy to stop and post a photo of my babies. And give you a quick update on the wee ones.

Charlie is clumsy as ever (evidenced by the gash on his forehead - he fell over a backyard toy at the babysitter's house). Mostly good with Alice but getting pushier when she takes his things. Which is all the time. Girlfriend is on the move. She will walk within a few weeks, I'm sure. She has become louder, refuses to go to bed and laughs a lot.

Joyful little kids. Busy little life. All is good in L.A.

The Phees