Tuesday, September 11, 2012

screen time

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Charlie really, really, really likes his iPad. It's a bargaining tool in our home. Sass mouth, Mama? Lose the iPad for a day. Smack your sister on the head with your Ironman toy? Bye bye iPad. It's effective. But that means it's valuable to him. And I'm walking the line between letting him enjoy something he likes and becoming an iZombie.

Sept import_090312_1577
(This is a rare moment of him watching a movie on the big TV instead of his iPad.)

Sometimes it's too easy for me. Getting dinner around is hectic. It's easy to hand him the iPad while Rich and I feed Alice, cook dinner, set the table, etc. He sits quietly and watches his Dr. Seuss movies or lego building videos.

If he gets bored of it, he puts it down and picks up his Matchbox cars or Buzz Lightyear. Or goes out to his sandbox. But the reality is, he really enjoys watching that thing. And I just don't know how much is too much. Trusting my gut isn't working on this one.

I'm starting to say "I watched a lot of TV as a kid and hey, I aced my ACTs. I'm a functioning human in society. I'm fine." I hate that argument and I'm using it to defend this thing.

How much time, and be honest, are you letting your kids watch an iPad/iPod/computer/TV screen? I need to measure and compare and create a new benchmark.

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Kim B. said...

Big topic of conversation here too! Tv is almost always on in the background, she loves to watch music videos or Elmo on the computer and lately has taken to sitting on Rob's lap while he plays shoot um up video games! I'm pretty sure the recent recommendation by the American Pedriatric association says NO screen time under two years of age. I use the same reasoning as you, but am overall unhappy with the situation....