Friday, September 7, 2012

Michigan trip: the Phee folks

The Phee portion of our visit started midweek.

Ama and Papa were ready for the entire brood. Can't you tell?

Ama & Papa have their hands full.

I was ready to spend time with my Robin.

Sis-in-law. Love.

Alice was ready for Ama time. And pretty hair flowers from Aunt Robin.

Ama and Alice.

These two . . . well, they have a funny relationship.

[Will's mind] "Hmmmm, look at this thing-y in front of Alice."

Don't mind if I do.

"Don't mind if I do."
What's this?

"Look, Ma. A bottle." (Notice how pissed off Alice is in the background. Priceless.)
Look, a bottle.

These two pick up like they haven't been apart for one second.

Cousins on a Swing, Charlie & Aidan

Cousins, Charlie & Aidan

But all four of them together . . . it feels like mission impossible to photograph. What you don't see here is Robin kneeling closely by ready to catch a falling baby.

Cousin Summit 2012

This one, the official Cousin Summit photo, took a lot of sweat, clicking noises, name yelling and whistling. But we did it.
Cousin Summit 2012

Rich and I had fun on the beach near Tom & Elaine's house (at the Elk's).

us, Lake Michigan

Papa soaked up time with little Alice.

MI trip Phee_August 2012_08112012 (639)

The boys decided to pluck blueberries from Papa's bushes.

MI trip Phee_August 2012_08112012 (653)

Papa decided to head back to his garden to make sure those boys weren't plucking things that weren't quite done growing.

MI trip Phee_August 2012_08112012 (650)

J-Dogg made his annual appearance.

J-Dogg & Rich, Lake Michigan

My brother-in-law Jay (Robin's husband) stretched his legs on the beach.

MI trip Phee_August 2012_08112012 (562)


MI trip Phee_August 2012_08112012 (581) v3

We're lucky to have such great families and to have such a beautiful place to visit.

MI trip Phee_August 2012_08112012 (555)

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