Friday, September 7, 2012

Michigan trip: the Cunningham folks

It's been a month since our Michigan trip and I'm finally getting everything up on the blog.

The flight to Michigan was NOT fun. Alice screamed, kicked, squirmed and took 10 years off my life both flights. I spilled juice all down Charlie's pants and shoes. We landed at midnight. Yeah, rocky start.

But after my in-laws picked us up in Grand Rapids so late at night and let us bunk up with them that first night (thank you Tom & Elaine), we were able to head up to "the lake" Saturday morning.

Papa Dickie was waiting patiently.

Papa Dickie

It was hot but the sunsets were beautiful.

Campbell Lake sunset.

One of my many cousins (Michelle) and her husband made the drive to little ol' Hesperia for some visiting and baby holding.
Cousin Michelle & Alice, August 2012

Great Phyllis held Alice while she made faces at me.
Grandma Phyllis

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Lynnie, and her daughter Abbie, drove up on the day it was cold and windy. (Charlie doesn't pose well for photos.)

Lynnie & Abbie

Crystal, another friend that I'm so lucky to have in my life after all these years, drove 4 hours with her husband and two sons to spend the hottest day with us. Needless to say, it was spent in the lake with beverages. Oh, and her oldest decided that was the day he would start swimming under water.
The Ceo Family

We spent plenty of time with my brother and his wife, Misty.
 Aunt Misty

Misty is the kind of aunt that makes chocolate / peanut butter chip pancakes on a Sunday morning. Just because.
She's the kind of Aunt that makes peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. Just cuz.

Bryan is the kind of uncle that eats peanuts with his nephew while discussing important uncle/nephew matters. He also made sure Charlie didn't fall backwards off that wall. Well, Buck the dog helped, too.
What? Just eatin' peanuts with Uncle Bry. August 2012

Bryan and Rich played the roles of Dad-a-razzi, taking family photos of us in the front yard.

4 Shades of Grey

And of course, cousin Kayle. I don't have enough lovely things to say about this girl. She's a sweet young lady and endlessly patient with my kids. And with me.

Cunningham Cousins

Oh yeah, we visited Lake Michigan on a red flag warning day.

Lake Michigan

MI trip Cunningham_August 2012_08072012 (23)

Visited Aunt Janet and Uncle Dave.
Uncle Dave

My Uncle Dave grows corn and other vegetables. This is his corn. I think it's pretty awesome.
Dave's corn, August 2012

Aunt Janet, holding baby Alice. My kids call her Gramma Janet (she's my Mom's sister).

Aunt Janet.

I feel like Alice grew a lot while we were on the trip. Another tooth popped through.
Alice, at Uncle Bry & Aunt Misty's house. August 2012

She learned how to ham it up for Aunt Misty's camera by smooshing her face up against the trampoline net.
smooshie face on the trampoline

And she learned how to enjoy the beach. Major milestone.
She likes watching her brother dig in the sand.

Charlie had fun and soaked up all his time with family. And the beach.
Michigan iPhone_August 2012_08072012 (3)

And harvesting stuff with Uncle Dave.
Michigan iPhone_August 2012_08082012 (1)

I don't have any photos of them but we also spent time with my other brother, Stevie and his girlfriend Sarah. They were very helpful with chasing kids, helping with diaper changes, etc. It's nice being around family.

I miss them all. Looking forward to Christmas.

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