Monday, September 24, 2012


Rich's cousin Melissa (from his Mom's side of the family - not that it's relevant but I always feel the need to over report information) used to be our only family in California for many years. Then she moved away.

But today she was back in Southern California on vacation. Tonight, we had our family back for one night only.

Cousin Melissa

Here's the thing about Melissa . . . she's just cool. Always has been, still is. There's something about her that Rich and I have always loved and have felt especially close to her. When I was interviewing for jobs in college, Melissa put us up, cooked for us (did I mention she's a chef?) and showed us around her hometown of Chicago.

Maybe part of it is that both she and Rich were the wild ones who packed up and moved West.

Cousin Melissa
(The kids were tired tonight. Charlie is making his sour puss face and Alice is mid yawn.) 

It doesn't matter how much time passes in between our Melissa visits, it's as if no time has passed at all. Aside from the fact that she cooks something delicious when she's here, rocks my baby, compliments our little boy's toy robot and his freckles in one fell swoop, she's just good people.

And we like good people. Especially those that rock the same family tree.

Cousin Melissa
(Sorry, Melissa, that your mouth is open. And I don't know what Rich is doing with his face and I really should've taken the meat thermometer out of Chazzy's hands. But this was the best of the batch.) 

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Unknown said...

No worries, Marci. :) I love that last picture the best. (Although I wish I had a bit of time to put some makeup on and maybe take my glasses off my head?!!?) C'est la vie. Love you guys. A lot. xoxo