Friday, September 7, 2012

comfort zone

I like to be comfortable. In all areas of my life. I'm not what you would call a "risk taker". Meaning, I have chosen a color other than Cappuccino for my nails less than 5 times in my entire life. Because a dark red or hot pink is just too risky for my toes. That kind of comfort.

It seems I've passed the comfort gene onto my son. He likes predictable, he likes a plan, he likes his old grey sweatpants because they're comfy. He uses that word, not me. So enrolling him in swim lessons was definitely pushing him outside of his comfort zone.

We have a pool and sure, he can paddle around but he couldn't save his own life with real swimming. And he was scared to put his face under the water. Because we have a pool and because we visit lakes every summer, he started once weekly swim lessons.

Back to swim lessons. And this scatterbrained mama forgot a towel and his goggles.

It didn't go well for a while there. He wouldn't float on his back. I watched from the benches as he tried to negotiate his way out of back float with his instructor. He started saying that he wanted to go to swim lessons "tomorrow, Mommy, not today". And finally pulled the "I don't feel good" to try to get out of them.

Trying hard to focus on the water in front of me instead of alternating between nervously biting my nails and cheering audibly for Chazzy during swim lessons. Apparently, that behavior

But I pushed.

And he did it to make me happy. He asked me "does this make you happy, Mama?"

It does. And I leveraged that first child, people pleasing thing for swim lessons because they're important.

underwater photos_August 2012_08312012

brave, part 2

It's paying off. He's jumping off the side and dunking his whole self in. He's swimming under water. And he's *this close* to mastering the back float.

underwater photos_August 2012_08312012 (26)

I know there will be more opportunities to push him to put a toe over the edge of those comfort zones. This was the first big one. Well done, my little fish, well done.

NOTE: My friend Katie took these photos under water with my iPhone with its new Lifeproof case. Thank you, Katie, for near-drowning yourself to take these. And for those of you interested, I highly recommend the Lifeproof case. Click here to learn more.

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