Monday, August 13, 2012

Michigan: a preview

We're back. Luggage strewn across the living room. Sunburns and extra freckles. Thousands of work emails to respond to. Thousands more memories to sift through.

Here are some iPhone photos from the trip. More posts to come.

Michigan iPhone collage

1. smooshie face on the trampoline, 2. Papa Dickie, 3. Home., 4. Descending. So ready to be home in California., 5. He's ready to fly., 6. Love the smiley water tower., 7. joyful Alice, 8. Classic rock, wine, mosquitoes and s'mores., 9. Nephew love. Little Will., 10. Backyard warriors., 11. Ama and Alice., 12. Hair flower from Aunt Robin., 13. Palomas at El Burrito., 14. Lunch at The Kirby in Grand Haven with my mother-in-law., 15. taking off for Michigan, 16. the view from my in-law's back porch, 17. It was a red flag warning day., 18. Aunt Janet., 19. Uncle Dave. One of my favorite people., 20. She likes watching her brother dig in the sand., 21. Uncle Dave's corn was knee high by the 4th of July., 22. Oh Lake Michigan. How I love thee., 23. Lake Michigan quartz sand. The best., 24. First restaurant high chair for Alice., 25. Campbell Lake sunset., 26. Hello, Michigan., 27. He made sure we had everything ready for the airport., 28. This is how Alice spent all 4 hours flying over the U.S.

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