Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Presley Punch

I have this photo of sherbet punch on Flickr that gets a lot of hits.

Presley's Sprinkle

Every day, people from all over the world are viewing this photo of a punch that I'm not even 100% I made at my friend Katie's baby shower in September 2010 for her daughter, Presley.

Because of the curiosity, I'm formally posting my old school, midwestern "every bridal and baby shower I've attended in Michigan had this in an Aunt's punch bowl" punch recipe. So thank you so all my Aunts for bringing this little gem into my culture.

Presley Punch (I have to name it Presley punch because this photo, from Presley's shower, has made this pic popular.)

(2) 2-liters of Sprite or 7-up
(2) cartons of rainbow sherbet
(1) Hawaiian punch concentrate
ice cubes

Mix well. Float pretty sliced fruit on top if you're so inclined. Pour into cups. Huddle around in small groups of women and gossip. Enjoy.

Thanks, Katie, for having punch at your shower! (And thank you to your Aunt Sue if she's the one who actually made it!)

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