Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinterest Love: Foodie

I'm holding myself accountable for my time spent on Pinterest. Why pin it if you're not going to try it / make it / purchase it, right?

From my Foodie board, found here:, I have made all of the following drinks or dishes and recommend all of them.

Paloma Margaritas

Source: via Marci on Pinterest

Greek Marinade for Chicken

Thai Marinade for Chicken (Rich LOVES this) - we've made it twice

Potato & Leek Gratin - I made this for Easter, go easy on the salt

Pesto Chicken. Fattening, delicious, easy.

Balsamic Butter Penne

Breakfast Eggy Muffins

The Best Broccoli Ever (My Aunt Janet & Uncle Dave agree!)

Baked Tomatoes

Taco Cupcakes - Kid Friendly

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