Monday, July 23, 2012

photos by Charlie

Charlie likes to use my camera. It makes other people nervous (ahem, Rich) because it's big and expensive but he's careful with it. And I supervise.

This past Sunday he placed the strap around his neck and took some photos of us out in the front yard. As you can see, the apple of his eye lately is (a) his green bike from Papa Dickie and (b) his sister. All of these collaged photos were taken by Charlie, cropped by me but otherwise raw.

He may need his own blog. For more photos by Charlie, check this out.

photos by Charlie, July 2012

1. Sis., 2. Charlie's treasured bike. From Papa Dickie., 3. blurry Daddy., 4. Sister, on his bike., 5. Mama's pj pants and very pale feet., 6. Tree in focus, Mama + Alice not so much., 7. Allie Cat. He loves his sister. And she always looks at him so adoringly., 8. laughing, 9. Sunset. "It's a beautiful day" says Charlie.

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