Tuesday, July 17, 2012

my friend Ann

I have a friend named Ann Tran.

We've known each other since 2004, I think. Maybe 2005. Through work. But it doesn't matter. For two very different people, we have so very much in common. Our "time is not our own" now because of the kids/marriage/work/life (I stole that quote from Ann) but we are still in each other's lives and pick up as if a day hasn't passed.

After wanting children so much and for so long, Ann welcomed her 3rd baby, Claire, into the world just after her twins turned 1. Her home and heart are full and I couldn't be happier for her. If you scroll down, you'll see photos of the beautiful children but what I really want to show Ann is how wonderful motherhood looks on her.

You're a good Mama, Ann. Soak it up, girlfriend. And let's get back on our Starbucks schedule soon.

 mama Ann & Megan

mama Ann Colin_Shaw Family July 2012_07152012 (1)

mama Ann Claire_Shaw Family July 2012_07152012 (1)

Now on to the kids . . .

Little Miss Claire.
Claire orange blanket_Shaw Family July 2012_07152012

 Claire little sister onesie_Shaw Family July 2012_07152012


Megan_Shaw Family July 2012_07152012

Colin_Shaw Family July 2012_07152012

Getting all 3 together, my God. They had to be bribed with snacks.

all 3 kids together_Shaw Family July 2012_07152012

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