Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June, remember way back when?

June came. It left. Now I'm facing July head on.

I think I spent June under my sheets with an ice pack on my head. My migraines were the worst they've been since high school. But they are so much better now. Thank you, Topamax, clean(er) eating, and some spiritual healing from an executive coach (don't ask).

I didn't get Alice's 6 month photo up on the blog - which should've gone up soon after 5/24. Or her 7 month photo. I'll do both shortly. I can tell you that she is rolling all over, pushing herself up on her arms and her toes (sometimes her knees). She has preferences. She prefers the giant tug boat in the bath. If you take it away, she prefers to pout and cry. She's not really a screamer like Charlie was. But she'll cry and perform some low level whining that makes you want to poke your ear drums with hot forks.

June seemed busy. Charlie had a fashion show at school, I had a very interesting book club party, Rich and I have both busy at work (which doesn't usually happen at the same time), my friend's twins turned 1 with a big party, Charlie started swim lessons, Alice had thrush, we randomly decided to drive to San Pedro on a Sunday morning. Oh, and I drank waayyyyyy too much Starbucks. Probably contributed to my migraines. Circle of life and all that.

Here are some photos. Lazy girl blogging right here -
June 2012 in photos 

1. fashion show, 2. snoozin' - just a girl and her monkey, 3. Sticky Note fun, 4. being loved on, 5. more coffee, 6. new shirt, 7. These silly kids., 8. Alice, 6 months old, 9. iPhone Marci_June 2012_06282012, 10. iPhone Marci_June 2012_06182012, 11. iPhone Marci_June 2012_06272012, 12. iPhone Marci_June 2012_06232012 (2), 13. iPhone Marci_June 2012_06172012, 14. iPhone Marci_June 2012_06172012 (1), 15. iPhone Marci_June 2012_06262012, 16. Rub a dub, 17. San Pedro, CA, 18. Korean Friendship Bell, San Pedro CA, 19. good morning, sunshine, 20. playing in the dirt

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