Monday, July 23, 2012

favorite neighbors

The photos and videos below are ironic considering we had a weekend full of neighborly love. Swimming with Katie and G, a pool tournament at Arnie's house with THE BEST Cuban food, and some driveway visiting with Todd and Chrissy. We're lucky to live in Southern California (which isn't known for "hi-dee-ho" neighborhoods like those that we grew up with in the Midwest) *and* have great neighbors.

Unfortunately, we torture them with this spectacle in the front yard. Yes, that's Charlie rinsing out Alice's diaper pail with soap and water while I supervise in my pineapple pajamas. And an infant hanging on my back. Rich was probably behind me with a bottle of beer yelling "make sure you squirt more Simple Green in there, kiddo!" Kind of reminds me of "the shitter was full" scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Remember that?

Between my pajama / baby wearin' supervision of Charlie hosing out a poop bucket (diaper genie) in the front yard ...

Or, on Sunday nights, we gift the neighbors with Charlie running and screeching in his superhero underwear through the sprinklers. He loves it - asks about it through dinner. "Can I run sprinkles now? I take my pants off now?" Sure, go for it. Our house is so upside down in value, this can't hurt.
... and setting Charlie loose to run through the sprinklers in his underwear, we must be our neighbors' favorite family on the block.

So if you live in the L. A. area, grab a glass of wine and head on over Sunday nights for the Charlie show. It's fantastic.

Or view the video here.

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