Monday, June 11, 2012

shameless use of my blog for fundraising

My disclaimer is in the subject line - apologies all around. But if you're interested . . .

My friend makes some really cool re-usable baggies (snack, sandwich and swimbag sizes) available for you to buy as part of a school fundraiser for Charlie's preschool.

The bags come in 9 patterns and 3 sizes that you can mix & match. They range in price (mix & match) from $5 to $13 (or $21 for all 3). If you’d like to order, please email or call me and I’ll ship them to you for free. Trust me, I’ve seen these up close & personal, they’re really nice. I want some for my stuff too (sunglasses, toiletries, etc).


Thanks everyone!

fundraiser baggies

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