Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day, 2012

I had big plans for Father’s Day. A total “pamper Daddy” day. Hang photos from the ceiling of him with the kids. Make an elaborate breakfast. Take the kids out for a few hours so he could have a quiet house. Detail his new car.

Best laid plans and all that.

I had a day full of migraine. Which is a whole other post someday. Let’s just say that 6 days a week lately I’m incapacitated by 5 pm. It’s tortuous and I’m addressing it, starting with a doctor appointment today at 4.

But anyway. I did manage a Denver omelet for Rich in the morning and a lunch escape to one of our favorite places in Seal Beach. Short of that, he was ironically on super Dad duty all day. And did so without complaint as always.

Rich is a great Dad. And husband. And most of all, my friend. My kids are lucky, as am I.

I love my family

These silly kids.

A boy, his kazoo, Rich and a baby

Rich and his boy

Rich & Alice Linda

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