Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Charlie, my Charlie

A brief update on my boy -

He likes to play with sticky notes. I used to do the same thing when I was a kid with my Mom & Dad's neverending stash of office supplies. Genetically predisposed, I guess.

sticky note fun

Bedtime is a zoo. I suck at putting Charlie to bed and he sucks at going to bed. Most nights, he dashes past me and climbs onto Rich's lap. He says he just "wants to lay on Daddy's shoulder".

Our Spidey won't go to bed.

He's really into dinosaurs and spaceships. (He'll never lose his love for Spidey or Buzz Lightyear but dinos and space have entered his world now.) So I bought him this shirt from Crowsmack on Etsy -

new shirt

Charlie's school had a fashion show. He rocked his Spidey glasses from Papa Dickie.

fashion show

See him strut his stuff on the catwalk.

Or view the video here.

He's 3 - 1/2 years old now. And is a pretty awesome kid.

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