Thursday, June 28, 2012

as I'm trying to blog this

Charlie is "in bed". Which means he asked for a yogurt. A water. To talk to his Daddy. To wear special slippers. Then I was thirsty. Then the baby started fussing in her crib. Then Cook barked at something, nothing, outside. Then Rich asked me to make a quesadilla. At 9:00 at night.

It's a strange and busy little life we have. Needless to say, it's been hard to sandwich in a blog post here and there. Between diaper changes, financial reports at work, phone calls to family, and a laundry list of other life stuff, it's been tricky for me to sit still, edit and sort photos and document our days as they're passing us by at a million miles an hour.

Finally, here I am. I will just choose my favorite photos and narrate them, total stream of thoughts. No start and finish to this story. Much like my evening.

Rich is reading Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools, Mass Joblessness, and Thug Culture by Lisa Bloom. The common current of her book is for fathers to set an example to their sons by reading. So Rich has been doing that. And we've noticed a difference.

kids back patio_May 2012_05282012 (2)

On Mother's Day weekend, I threw some towels, snacks and sunscreen in a bag at the last minute and took the kids to Mother's Beach in Long Beach. Charlie was excited that he could fill his bucket with mud and carry it back and forth to our lounge site. He's easy to please.

Mother's Beach on Mother's Day, 2012

Mother's Beach on Mother's Day, 2012

It was baby girl's first time dipping her toes in the ocean.

baby girl's first time in the ocean

This may be my favorite iPhone photo that I've taken in the 2 years I've had the phone. And it perfectly captures my Chazzy.

my sweet boy

Trying to get more photos up of Alice smiling for Robin. This is getting closer.

kids back patio_May 2012_05282012 (18)

We've been trying to maintain a "clean eating" diet. It's hard. Not as hard as paleo or gluten free or some of the others. But harder than the usual easy-to-make processed dinners we eat.

salad, typical dinner fare

Rich photo bombs my shots with his beers. It's annoying.

strawberries and beer_May 2012_05202012

Doing her best impression of a throw pillow.

hanging in the bed_May 2012_05272012

This is my migraine face. For a few weeks there, I was having 6 migraines a week. Clean eating + some Topamax is providing some relief.

migraine Marci

I bought these fuzzy balls at Ikea. Talking about these fuzzy balls brought out the 12 year olds in Michelle Peters and I last Friday night.

around the house_May 2012_05012012

This kid with this hair, these eyes, holding this orange Crush -

Charlie and the orange pop

plus this girl, this green tutu and this serious face -

Alice green tutu_May 2012_05192012 (4)

Make me one happy mama.

kids in Grandma Gert's chair

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