Friday, May 18, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Monday morning

As I'm walking out of Starbucks Monday morning, an older gentlemen (whom I firmly believe was on shrooms) touched my arm and said "The end of your rainbow is here. Go out and grab that unicorn by the horn." If commuting on the 405 and heading into an early morning meeting to share client updates and financials is considered "grabbing that unicorn by the horn", then I did just that, sir.

Not that going to work is a bad thing. This was my view as I parked my car, grabbed my stuff and locked up.



Book Club

I'm reading 50 Shades of Grey. I wish I loved it like most of America does. I just don't.

50 Shades of Grey


Scared Sh*tless

Doesn't Alice look scared that Charlie is going to eat her fingers? She's actually freaked out by the giant flash on top of my camera.

kids on the bed



This is the view from my front yard. Laying on my back with my camera like a crazy lady. The neighbors are used to it.

Spring Trees, May 2012



A friend shared this article on Facebook. It perfectly sums up what we want for our children in our little family of 4.

An excerpt: "I hope I raise a child who doesn’t need to affirm his self-worth through bigotry, snobbery, materialism, or violence."


Oh, Come ON.

When Charlie tells a story (and he does often), he puts his hand in his pocket. I don't know why but I find this endearing. Also, when he's digging for toys in his toybox and can't find a specific superhero, he says "Oh, come ONNNNNN." I laugh every single time.

Charlie and the cart, storytelling


Happy, happy, joy, joy

Alice does this thing when she's happy (and laying in her crib or our bed). She raises both feet up at the same time and bangs them down onto the mattress really hard. Over and over. This strange little kicking exercise plus a wide smile let's us know she's happy with her life at that moment.

lovin' on her feet

We're happy with our life at this moment, too.

Happy Friday everyone.

The Phees

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