Sunday, May 20, 2012

Alice, 5 months old

Well, she's only 5 months old for a few more days so I figured I better hustle on this one.

Alice, 5 months old, Chair Series

I plan to take a photo of Alice wearing a similar outfit every month in this chair. It was Grandma Gert's Lazy-boy. And the sock monkey was a gift from Misty to Charlie 3 years ago.

Alice, 5 months old, Chair Series

Alice, 5 months old, Chair Series

Baby girl doesn't really roll over. She kind of flips onto her side then scootches her way around. She is definitely grabby, especially when we're trying to eat. She likes to chew on her toes. A lot. And her Sophie Giraffe. (If you don't know what that is, Google this overpriced phenomenon.) Fruit & rice every morning, veggie/fruit/rice every night. She's a great eater like her brother but the difference is, she MUST have a bottle to fall asleep. And she doesn't care a thing about pacifiers.

She's learning she has a voice. She squeals and laughs and kind of hollers to see how loud she can get. I hope she always remembers she has a voice. A big one.

Just days away from 6 months. Growing girl.

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