Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Panda Trek

During our visit with Bry, Misty & Kayle, we headed down to the San Diego Zoo.

This was the best trip I've ever had to this zoo (and there have been many). We took our time, strolling through, taking phone photos & documenting on Facebook.

But as 4:00 approached, we asked how to get to the panda exhibit. (Pandas were my Mom's favorite animal - she made it a point to see this exhibit and the Washington D.C. exhibit several times in her life.) The guide told us we only had 30 more minutes before it closed. So we booked it.

And by booked it, I mean Misty was running uphill while holding onto her Big Green Hat. Bry was pushing the stroller while Charlie cheered "Go faster Uncle Bryan". Kayle shuffled along on sore feet in her flip flops. I did my embarrassing old lady run. But we made it. Breathless, sweaty and happy.

San Diego Zoo

(This is Kayle taking a photo of the lazy fat panda.)

This was a trip I will never forget. Another post will come later with my gratitude and love, stay tuned.


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