Sunday, March 11, 2012

a moment

Have you ever had a "moment" moment?

You know, a moment that seemed to stop the Earth from spinning ever so briefly. I did. In the strangest place . . . a 3 year old's birthday party.

Charlie and I attended a party for a schoolmate yesterday. When it was time to sing and watch her blow out candles, Charlie saddled up next to me and asked me to lift him up so he could see. He pushed his cheek against mine and my line of vision was his little 3 year old mouth. His lips started singing "Happy Birthday", he smiled as he stumbled over the words. I counted three freckles underneath his lower lip. His clammy little hand clinging to my neck.

He smelled like the grass he was playing in and apple juice he spilled down his shirt. When the song finished, he buried his head in my neck and held on tight. I held on tighter.

Then he wiggled down and ran off to go into the bouncer. And my moment was done. But I thought about it all afternoon.

Charlie blue wall_March 2012_03112012

Charlie blue wall_March 2012_03112012 (1)

San Diego Zoo

Charlie_iPhone_February 2012_02192012

Charlie, 3 years old. March 2012.

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