Sunday, March 11, 2012


We've been busy. Visitors from out of town. Getting ready for a trip back to Michigan. Trying to enjoy my last few weeks of maternity leave. Chasing a preschooler and rocking an infant. You know, the usual.

Sundays are a day without clothing for Charlie. He's either shirtless or pantless. At this particular moment, he was rocking the whitey tighties.

Charlie, whitey tighties.

You can tell she's a second child. We just ditch her on the couch, all propped up, while we tend to our to-do list.

Alice on couch_March 2012_03112012 (3)

Charlie fell in love with some squirt guns at a party yesterday. So naturally, he started the "may I have a water gun peas peas peas" campaign as soon as we left the party. Besides, I needed my windows washed.

Charlie squirt guns_March 2012_03112012 (5)

Charlie squirt guns_March 2012_03112012 (4)

Baby girl is drooling and chewing on her hands. Which means one of us has to hold her from 7 pm until she falls asleep around 10. Usually it's Rich that does the holding. He really doesn't mind.

Alice on Rich lap_March 2012_03112012

Just a whole lotta laundry, child rearing, and more laundry. Stay tuned for some pics from Michigan.

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