Thursday, February 2, 2012


It's been a kid-filled couple of weeks here.

Saturday, Rich and I took Charlie to the Monster Jam monster truck show at Angel Stadium. All of this started with a commercial one night for the Jam . . . and the rest is history.

Monster trucks are loud!

Charlie really liked it. I know he did because he had his serious face on the whole time. Even when he pumped his fists and yelled "Spiderman" as his favored truck landed on its back wheels and bounced, his face was ser-i-ous.

O.M.G. They have a spiderman truck. Charlie's life is complete.

We have been getting out & about . . . I seem to manage with both kids and without forgetting anyone anywhere. This particular day at Starbucks, I sat feeding Alice as Charlie entertained himself in a big leather chair. It's nice to just get out of the house once in a while.


Charlie is addicted to the iPad. We negotiate constantly around here with this particular device as our bargaining chip.

Charlie iPad iPhone _2012-01-19_3

Every time Charlie takes a bath, or a fishy as we call them around these parts, he insists that Alice takes a bath, too. It's not an option, she must join. He helps me rinse her and shampoo her hair. He's helpful, that boy.

first sibling bath_12242011 edit_December2011 (10)

Alice is in a feeding frenzy from 4:30 on until she 'goes down' around 11. Constantly eating, resulting in food coma face most of the night.


If you don't honor Alice's feeding frenzy needs, this happens -

Alice on orange blanket _2012-01-22_4

Friday, after realizing Charlie has pink eye, I took Alice to the doc because she was so congested. The doc said it was just a bug and some saline drops would do the trick. She's still congested but getting better.

Congested & not eating well. At the doc to just be sure it's a cold.

This is my view from my favorite seat in the house -

Charlie on couch _2012-01-02_2

Good night,

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