Tuesday, February 7, 2012

big, blue dinosaur

Important Phee News Announcement

At 6:50 pm Pacific Standard Time last night, Charlie finally (of his own accord) pooped in the toilet.

This is a monumental milestone in this household. We have been begging, pleading, stressing about the fact that Charlie would not - for any reason - poop in the toilet. We are (a) so tired of changing 2 kids' diapers and (b) concerned he would go to college wearing Depends.

The latest bribe was that if he went in the toilet, he could have the big, blue dinosaur that he's been lusting after at Target. Thank God Amma Elaine bought it ahead of time and stashed it in our garage so it was readily available for the big event.

big blue dinosaur

So last night, as I'm folding laundry in Alice's room, he tells me he has to go. And then he walked into the bathroom and went. Rich and I went crazy . . . screaming, clapping and doing some insane dance in the hallway that even embarrassed Charlie.

big blue dinosaur
This damn dog is always in my shots. I usually have to crop her out. 

big blue dinosaur
This time I didn't crop her. So you can see what I'm dealing with. 

After Rich brought the blue dinosaur in, Charlie was beaming. Proud. He played with that dinosaur until bedtime and took "Big Blue" to bed with him. I checked on him around 10:30 and he was sitting up in bed, talking to the dinosaur. The toy even accompanied him to school this morning. His entire preschool class now knows that he pooped in the toilet.

big blue dinosaur

The best part of all of this (besides the potential of only 1 set of diapers) is how proud Charlie is. It's really cool to witness that feeling.

And really cool to be *this close* to not having to change his poopy Pull-ups.

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Kate said...

Awesome Job Chazzy!! We are all very proud of you! I love BIG BLUE too! :)