Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today is one of those perfect, gorgeous 80 degree winter days in Southern California. I'm settled into the couch, all the windows and doors open, Alice snoozing beside me. Charlie is next door, playing with his friend, Gigi.

It's been a while since I've posted. I keep meaning to. Each night around 5, I say to myself "after the kids are bathed and the kitchen is cleaned up, I'll blog". But by that time, Rich and I are down for the count with a glass of wine and some Daily Show. I'd rather catch up with Rich than blog . . . it's the cold hard truth.

But today, today I will catch you up on the happenings around here.

While Tom & Elaine were here, Katie's friend & photographer, Molly Williams, shot our family photos.

Here's a preview (more to follow in a separate post):
2012 Family Photo Shoot

All 4 of us have been spending a lot of time on our back patio. Which means that the Verizon dude gets our full attention when he's up doing his work. Seriously, we chatted with him for about 20 minutes.

Hey, Mr. Cable guy

And Charlie warned him not to fall in our pool. I'm pretty sure that's top on his safety list.

Hey, Mr. Cable guy

I've been pulling myself together a few days a week. Hair blow-dried, make-up on, clothes that have zippers and snaps. On this particular day, I met a friend & colleague for lunch then headed into my office to say hi.

Self Portrait

Alice keeps growing. And burping and farting. Seriously, the sounds that come out of her are not very ladylike.

mustard yellow

Little man is working on potty training. Or, more accurately, Mama is dragging him into the bathroom to pee every 30 minutes. So far, he can go an entire day dry in his big boy underwear. But watch out when he "go goes". You know what I mean. Poop-a-palooza around these parts. I've been cleaning with a lot of bleach.

Charlie ice cream cone_01042012 (16)

I'm trying to make sure I get one-on-one with Charlie. Because he's my boy, my "best friend" (as he told me yesterday), my first born. So there's been some park play.

Charlie at the park January 2012_01042012 (28)

Charlie at the park January 2012_01042012 (2)

Charlie park edit January_010412_0375

See that gorgeous sunset up above? The other night as Charlie & I were walking down the street, he looked at the setting sun and said "the light is falling on my head". I told him that we are lucky to see such beautiful sunsets. He closed his eyes and just let the light wash over him. I wish I could've frozen that moment, wrapped it up and given it to him in 20 years.

Rich has been the soothing "Alice rocker". She is getting fussy during the witching hours of 4 - 7. So there's a lot of this going on. (I love Rich in glasses. Damn.)

Rich and Alice

And while Charlie is at school and Rich is at work, Alice and I hang out and do this. Just lounging with our bellies out. (Well, just her belly out. I'll spare you the horrible mental image of me.)

Alice, 2 months old

That's all from the Phee front for now. I have some bottles to make, laundry to switch and music to listen to. Very busy day.


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