Monday, December 5, 2011

Alice Linda Phee

11 days ago, Alice Linda Phee joined our family. She came into the world fast and furious but is a peaceful and quiet baby.

Below are some photos for your viewing pleasure while I adjust to life as a mother of 2 in a very chaotic, "not yet settled" home. I will try to keep up on blog posts but please know that we are all doing well here. Healthy, happy, soaking it in.

Her birthday.
Alice on birthday_11242011 (3)

2 days old.
Alice_112611_1174 EDIT

4 days old.
Alice_112811_1127 edit

Mad Alice.
Alice 11 days_120511_1221

11 days old.
Alice 11 days_120511_1281 edit

the Four Phees

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