Thursday, December 22, 2011

4 weeks old

Miss Alice,

4 weeks ago today you skyrocketed into my life, into this world.

Alice, 4 weeks old

You are such a mellow baby. You cry for two reasons: dirty diaper or empty belly.

You don't care much for pacifiers, unless it's one of these gigantic Soothies.

Alice, 4 weeks old

Your belly button fell off 1 day before your 2nd week of life. Your jaundice cleared up 1 week from the day you were born.

Newborn diapers don't fit you anymore. You're very close to not fitting in your newborn size clothes and the 0 - 3 month fit almost fit you perfectly.

Alice, 4 weeks old

Time is flying by. I'm trying hard to remember what your little grunts and growls sound like when we feed you, how you are now sleeping in 3 hour stretches and the way you love a warm bath.

Alice, 4 weeks old

1 month in. A lifetime to go.


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