Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 adults v. 2 kids

This 2 kid thing has been an adjustment. Everyone warned us. Everyone said "it'll take some time" or "having a 2nd is like having 6".

They were right. I can't really explain why it's tough in great detail. The best explanation is that I feel stretched. Physically, emotionally, financially. Like everything else, it will become the new normal. I know this.

I also know how lucky I am. Two healthy children. A home, a husband, our health. All of that. But it's hard focus on gratitude when you're emptying shit-filled diaper genies or you're so sleep deprived that you  can't remember how to set the coffee maker.

Here's what I am focusing on . . .

My 3 year old. Who is so sweet and gentle with his new sister.

charlie tub_12182011 (1) edit

My 3 week old. Who is mellow and healthy as can be.
Alice, 3 weeks + 3 days old

My husband, who has been endlessly patient with me and has been keeping the Phee Ship afloat.
Rich and Alice 10 days old_12052011 (1)

I'm looking forward to the next two weeks. Charlie is on break from school, we are in full Christmas spirit here and there's lots of hunker-down-at-home coming up.

My blog posts will probably pick up steam in the next few weeks or so. Hope everyone is having a stress-free holiday and I love looking through all of the Christmas cards that are hitting my mailbox.

The Phees

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