Thursday, November 10, 2011

rebel without a pumpkin

I'm totally snitching on Rich right now but I MUST share this.

We've had this pumpkin sitting on our counter now for a week. Rich keeps eyeing it up with a mischievous look.

A couple of nights ago, after Charlie went to bed, he stood in front of me holding the pumpkin and said "Do you think it would be really, really bad if I threw this onto [name of busy street by our house] so it could get smashed?"

Me: "Why?"

Rich: "Because I really want to smash this pumpkin".

Me: "Knock yourself out, bad boy". He goes outside.

5 minutes later he comes in and says "That didn't work out like I'd hoped" as he's getting paper towel & a plastic bag.

Me: "Are you going out into the middle of the street to clean it up?????"

Rich: "No, I felt too bad about throwing it into the street so I smashed it in our garage."

  rebel without a pumpkin

Yup, Rich smashed a pumpkin in OUR garage. Spewing pumpkin pieces all over his classic truck, the motorcycle, who knows what else. I sort of miss the good ol' days when he vandalized and terrorized public streets and strangers. Now my goody-two-shoes husband pulls stunts like tonight.

Oh, and complains when the local teenagers ride their skateboards after dark.

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Marci said...

Last night, when Charlie was running around in our garage in just his socks, he came in with a few spare pumpkin seeds stuck to the bottom. Ugh.